The canals: a special feature

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The Netherlands is not known otherwise. It is the wetlands. Because it is so low light it was necessary to set up a huge water system to keep the land dry. They were built in the seventeenth century. That’s also when a closing dike was built near the vast polder. The canals were also meant to protect the areas from uninvited guests, in addition to keeping the water off the land. Trade in the Netherlands was also facilitated by the canals. Merchant ships could reach areas where they needed to sell their wares more easily through the canals.

The canals today

To this day, the canals have remained. They characterize the Netherlands and are the image you will see in several cities. These ancient canals, all with a history are therefore on the UNESCO World Heritage List. One even more beautiful than the other. Each canal has its uniqueness and its own story and are now popular as recreational cruise and canal cruise venues. They are attractions for tourists all over the world. Below you can read more about some of the popular canals.

The canals of Amsterdam

The Amsterdam canals is the longest canal belt in the Netherlands and is the only canal on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Each canal here is unique. The canal houses around it can all be visited as well. There is also a beautiful bridge called the ‘Magere brug’ that crosses the Amstel River. It is a bridge with beautiful lighting with a very romantic touch.

The canals of Utrecht

These canals also have their own uniqueness. It features wharf cellars right on the water and terraces, where you can chill out. This canal is about 2 kilometers long. Very noticeable along the canal are also the restaurants and houses along the canal. It also has a lot of greenery. The most famous is the Oudegracht.

The canals in Leiden

These canals were also built in the seventeenth century with the function of protecting the city. This is a canal of about six kilometers. The special thing about this is that the Leiden canals form one of the largest defenses. This is also where you will find the Plantsoen which is one of the most beautiful city parks.

Floating Amsterdam
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 30a
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